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Digital Banking Development Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to ensure transparent project activities, control over the processes of the Projects, as well as to provide an understanding of the effectiveness of investments in the IT architecture, products and digitalization of processes, to implement the objectives of the Bank’s development strategy, digital transformation and innovative development. Contributing to the implementation of the Projects aimed at the development of the Bank, the development of digital banking, analysis, improvement and strengthening of the digital banking development system for the banking group.

Audit Committee

The main objective of the Committee is to organize and maintain an appropriate internal control system in the Bank.

Tasks of the Committee:

  • participation in the process of developing and approving financial statements and internal audit policies;
  • control over the submission, completeness and reliability of regulatory, financial and other reporting;
  • preparing information for meetings of the Supervisory Board and submitting reports on issues within the Audit Committee’s competence to the Supervisory Board;
  • control over the interaction of the Bank with internal and external auditors;
  • considering the appointment (dismissal) of the head of the Internal Audit Service and submitting proposals to the Supervisory Board;
  • studying quarterly reports of the Internal Audit Service and submitting them to the Supervisory Board;
  • assessing the Internal Control and Internal Audit Systems of the Bank to ensure the effectiveness and consistency of these systems, reviewing plans of internal audit and frequency thereof, participating in assessing the degree of fulfillment of their tasks and duties by the head of the Internal Audit Service and expressing their opinion;
  • at least once a quarter, meeting the head of the Internal Audit Service and discussing issues related to the activities of the Internal Audit Service;
  • providing practical assistance to the Supervisory Board in evaluating the proposals of the external auditor, preparing recommendations for the Supervisory Board when choosing an external auditor;
  • submitting proposals to the Supervisory Board on the maximum amount of remuneration for the services of external auditors and the conclusion (termination) of an agreement with them;
  • providing practical assistance to the Supervisory Board in the development of terms of reference for external auditors;
  • accepting internal and external audit reports and control of the elimination by the Board of Directors of the Bank of inconsistencies with legislative acts, policies and internal policies and procedures of the Bank and shortcomings revealed by the controlling units;
  • reviewing reports and conclusions of the external audit and submitting them to the Supervisory Board;
  • in cases of unsatisfactory work of external auditors, submitting recommendations to the Supervisory Board on their change;
  • considering the transparency of banking activities, as well as the adequacy and accuracy of data disclosure;
  • preparing a report on the activities of the Audit Committee, etc.

The Committee for staff assessment, development and remuneration

  • implementing the main provisions in the field of management and development of the Bank’s personnel;
  • monitoring and optimizing the number of employees of the Bank and its business units in order to effectively fulfill the tasks set;
  • developing corporate values and implementing the Bank’s corporate culture;
  • announcing internal and external competitive selection, making a decision on concluding an employment contract and hiring the winner of the selection within the competence of the Committee and/or submitting a proposal on concluding an employment contract and hiring the winner of the internal and external competitive selection for consideration by the Supervisory Board of the Bank;
  • making decisions (if necessary) on the issues of establishing individual increments and other types of incentive payments to all employees of the Bank;
  • assessment and remuneration of employees of the Bank, imposing material and disciplinary liability, applying disciplinary action, as well as development programs;
  • establishing a scale of increments to salaries attached to positions and other types of payments to employees of the Bank and its business units;
  • making decisions on payment for (in-person and non-resident) training of employees of the Bank;
  • development and approval of the regulations for the preparation and holding of meetings of the committees on the Bank’s personnel evaluation, development and remuneration;
  • Considering issues related to work with personnel that require a collegial decision.

Commission for settlement of conflicts of interest in the Bank

Monitoring the prevention of conflicts taking into account verbal and written statements and demands of shareholders, clients, members of management bodies and employees of the Bank about conflicts of interest, as well as searching for a solution that, being legal and justified, would eliminate the conflict of interests which has arisen or is emerging.


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