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In order to more effectively implement the Bank's management functions in the Bank and perform duties to monitor the Bank's activities, there are Committees under the Bank's Council to review and develop recommendations on the most important issues within the competence of the Council of the Bank.

Audit Committee. The functions of the Audit Committee are to examine the reports of the Internal Audit Department submitted for each internal audit, to study quarterly reports on internal audit and present them to the Council of the Bank, as well as assistance to the Council of the Bank in developing technical tasks for external auditors.

Committee on Supervision of Banking Risks. The functions of the Committee on Supervision of Banking Risks include review and approval of the Bank's risk management policy. When approving risk management procedures, the Committee should strive to achieve the optimal balance between risk and profitability for the Bank as a whole, while observing the norms of the legislation and provisions of the Bank's Charter, as well as developing adequate incentives for the activities of the Bank's executive body, structural divisions and individual employees of the Bank.

Investment Committee. The function of the Investment Committee is to ensure compliance with the Bank's investment policy. Investments should bring the expected return, as well as the investment portfolio should consist of investments with appropriate maturities.

Committee for Assessment the Personnel Development and Quality. The main tasks of the Committee are:

execution of the main provisions in the sphere of management and development of the Bank's personnel;
monitoring and optimization of the number of the Bank's employees and its structural units in order to effectively perform the tasks;
decision-making, if necessary, on the reduction of the number of the Bank's employees and its structural units;

consideration of issues related to work with personnel in need of making a collegial decision.

Asset and Liability Management Committee. The function of the Asset and Liability Management Committee is to closely monitor the balance sheet and profit and loss account of the Bank to ensure that sufficient liquidity of the Bank is maintained. In addition, the Committee monitors the existence of an appropriate balance between assets generating interest income and interest rate liabilities, as well as the Bank is not in a position, where the maturities of liabilities do not coincide with the maturity of assets.

Credit Committee. The functions of the Credit Committee are:
review and approval of procedures for granting new loans or changing the conditions of existing loans;
formation of the credit strategy and the Bank’s policy;
approval of the organizational structure of the lending process;
analysis of the loan portfolio and other significant risks associated with lending.
fulfillment of the forecast indicators and parameters of the Bank's business plan for lending;
state of overdue loans of the Bank;
work with troubled assets of the Bank.

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