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correspondentRelations.pngThe Bank has established strong and trusting relationships with leading commercial banks in Europe, Asia, USA, CIS countries, and successfully uses correspondent accounts in different currencies. Reasonable rates and prompt service give the opportunity not only to conduct their own operations, but also to serve our partners.

The main correspondents of the bank are:

  • "Commerzbank AG" (Germany)
  • Gazprombank (JSC) (Russia)
  • "Shinhan Bank" (South Korea)
  • "Kookmin Bank" (South Korea)
  • JSCB "Asia Invest Bank" (JSC) (Russia)
  • HalyK Savings bank of Kazakstan (Kazakhstan)
  • Aktif Yatirim Bankasi A.S. (Turkiya)
  • Ningbo Yinzhou Rural Commercial Bank (China)

Here, the Bank carries out active measures to increase the number of correspondent banks to expand the range of services for both Bank clients and for our partners

The main partners of the Bank are:

  • National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • JSCB "Asaka Bank"(OJSC)
  • JSFCB "Ipak Yuli Bank"
  • JSCB "Orient Finans Bank"
Correspondent relations
Date: 28.07.2022
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Our partners:

Aktif Yatirim Bankasi A.S.

Asaka bank

Asia Invest Bank



HalyK Savings bank of Kazakstan

Ipak Yo'li Bank

Kookmin Bank

National Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Ningbo Yinzhou Rural Commercial Bank

Orient Finans Bank

Shinhan Bank


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