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JSCB "Kapitalbank" received a certificate from the agency “Ahbor-reyting"

“Kapitalbank” JSCB has received the certificate of compliance of ISO 9001: 2015

“Kapitalbank” JSCB has received a certificate from the agency “Ahbor-reyting”

We are glad to share the good news from the life of our team!

On June 11, 2019 - Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD) signed an agreement on rendering consulting services to JSCB “Kapitalbank” in order to create Islamic window in the Bank

Last week, "Kapitalbank" was a partner and sponsor of the weekly marketing and advertising exhibition AdWeek

The three-day exhibition BankExpo has come to an end. It was devoted to financial and banking services in Uzbekistan and annually brings together the best specialists in the field.

The Chairman of the executive Board of «Kapitalbank» JSCB was awarded for his contribution to the development of science and art

“Kapitalbank “ is among the leaders: residents of Tashkent appreciated the quality of banking services

Kapitalbank and Abu Dhabi Uzbek Investment will provide new opportunities for financing small businesses

«Kapitalbank» retains the first place in the index of banks

“Kapitalbank” has become the best among banks in the “Brand of the Year” contest

«Kapitalbank» JSCB has been admitted as the best bank in the rating of the «Banking Activity Index»

«Ahbor-Reyting» has increased the rating level of the loan system of Kapitalbank to «uzА+»

Standard & Poor’s has raised the credit rating of “Kapitalbank”

“Kapitalbank” JSCB has confirmed its compliance with the international standard ISO 9001: 2015

«Kapitalbank» came out as a partner of «Uzbekistan travel» in the Arabic issue of journal

"Kapitalbank" retained the first place in the index of banks

"Kapitalbank" is the unchanged leader among banks!

JSCB Kapitalbank Has Become the Leader of Visa Awards

Based on results of 2021, Ahbor-Reyting rating agency assigned "uzA+ with a positive outlook" national scale credit rating to JSCB "Kapitalbank"

JSCB "Kapitalbank" - the leader in the Banking Activity Index!

Moody’s rating agency has upgraded the ratings of JSCB “Kapitalbank”

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