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Mission of the Bank: To reproduce the success and to share it with each of the Bank’s partners. The Bank is aimed at creating a powerful financial supermarket operating in the most profitable segments of the most promising sectors of the financial market.

Values of the Bank:
Respect for the individual. Respect for the rights and freedoms of any person, strict observance and protection of these rights and freedoms as key principles of the Bank's day-to-day operations. Responsibility of each employee of the Bank for their statements and actions.

Customer-oriented approach. Conscientious, timely and, on the best terms, the implementation of all customer service operations, the pursuit of continuous self-improvement and innovation, the constant search for better tools and opportunities for the most effective work of the Bank. The Bank develops partnership in all spheres of activity, based on morality, trust and respect principles. 

Striving for the precedence. The Bank’s priorities are dominance in the retail sector, development of international operations and investments. The Bank seeks to explore new territories and spheres of business, as well as prospective customers. The Bank attracts the best specialists in all areas of the banking sphere to create growth environment for them. Stimulating the professional development of employees is the Banl’s daily work.

Team-working. Building relationships with colleagues purely on the basis of mutual understanding, trust, mutual assistance and solidarity, the constant exchange of professional knowledge and practical experience. Commitment of the whole Bank staff to the common cause in an effort to solve the set strategic tasks and fulfill the Mission of the Bank.

Honesty and Integrity. Understanding that the money earned in a corrupt way always winds up in losses and problems. This is the belief in "right principles". The Bank is not a background for entrepreneurship of personal interests.


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