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Manage your organization’s finances in an app - where and when it suits you. With us it is easy to monitor account balances and transactions, send transfers to other banks and government organizations.

In the mobile app you will be able to:

  • Conveniently and quickly authorize
    It is enough to enter your login and password once, set a code or biometric login to then log in to the application using an access code, fingerprint or facial recognition.

  • Create payments quickly
    With the help of convenient forms and ready-made templates you can quickly create payment templates and sign all necessary payments.

  • Carry out currency transactions
    Send swift transfers, exchange currencies and view currency contract information

  • Control transactions for all accounts
    All your current accounts and cards are organized in one section. You can create transcripts and track account balances. In the History section, where all your incoming and outgoing payments are stored, you will find the details of each transaction.

  • Send paychecks to employees
    Create a payroll, fill in the pay amounts and sign the payment. Paychecks will be credited to employees the same day.

  • Mobile app and Online Banking now work together
    The mobile app and Online Banking now work together. It doesn’t matter which platform you are currently working on. We’ve combined the web version and mobile app so that you can easily view your business information from any device.

    For example, if you create a payment in the web version, it will automatically appear in the mobile app where you can sign it and vice versa, if you create a template in the mobile app, it will also appear in the web version where you can sign it.

  • Other useful features are also available in the mobile app:

    • Sign multiple payments at once or all available payments at once
    • Schedule payments: create a payment, specify the due date and sign it. We’ll send the payment to the bank at your designated due date.
    • Create payment requests and view incoming ones in Card Indexes 1 and 2.
    • All your payments are easy to find in the Transaction History.
    • Share account and card details with a single click.
    • Receive push notifications on account transactions.

    Security features:

    • Login/password (at 5 incorrect authorization attempts the account is blocked)
    • Additional authentication by SMS-code
    • Access to the system only from registered phone numbers
    • Client must not use devices with modified system software - jailbreak for iOS and root modification for Android.
    • Payment confirmation with a secret code known only to the user.
    • Restrictions on user access to system features by capacity
    • Data transfer via secure SSL protocol using Thawte SSL CA certificate.

    Mobile application “Uzum Business | Kapitalbank” for Android (at least version 6.0) and iOS (at least version 13.0) platforms designed for legal entities - the bank’s clients.

    QR code to download the application (use a special application to scan the QR code on your mobile device)


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