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JSCB Kapitalbank provides legal entities with a unique opportunity to save time and use the Urgent conversion service, which allows you to quickly purchase foreign currency for mutual settlements with foreign partners.

Currently, legal entities have the opportunity to purchase foreign currency for various purposes established by the current legislation, including for mutual settlements under foreign trade contracts.

The Urgent Conversion service provides for implementation of the following procedures through the Internet Bank Client (IBC) remote service systems and the Uzum Business | Kapitalbank mobile application.

Submission of an application by client in electronic format by means of respective functionality "Application for purchase of foreign currency" in remote service systems with the attached scanned forms of documents for verification of the intended nature of transaction.

The bank then checks the documents within one hour, converts from the bank's currency position and transfers the converted amount in foreign currency to the client's account.

The client, having received a confirmation of the funds transfer, on the same day, using the SWIFT functionality of remote service systems, transfers the converted amount to pay for obligations under foreign trade transactions.

The entire cycle from application submission to payment abroad takes a few hours through remote banking systems without the need for personal presence in the bank!


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