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Date of publishing: 05.10.2022 y.
Time to: 12:00   17.10.2022 y.
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  1. Diary with the logo of the bank (hardcover, format A5) - 1200 pcs.
  2. Diary with the bank logo and a clasp (soft cover, format A5) - 1200 pcs
  3. desk calendar (Uzbek) - 2200 pcs
  4. Desk calendar (Russian) - 1000 pcs
  5. Desk calendar (English) - 400 pcs
  6. Notepad (A5 format) - 2400 pcs
  7. Portable charger with bank logo (without wired powerbank 10 000 mAh) - 1800 pcs
  8. Packing box, advertising for the portable charger - 1800 pcs
  9. Polo T-shirt with logo - 3,000 pcs
  10. 10. Cardboard bag with logo - 300 pcs  

Cardboard bag with bank logo. Goods must correspond to the technical requirements and parameters listed in the detailed description of the specification.

In case of interest, please submit an offer subject to the following conditions:

1. Terms of payment - 20% prepayment, 80% within 10 working days after delivery.
2. Terms of delivery - not more than 20 business days after we receive the prepayment

The commercial offer is to contain samples of goods, materials, and photos of alternative goods.

Submission deadline for bids is 12:00 on October 11, 2022, in sealed envelopes, duly executed. Address: Yashnabad Branch of JSCB "Kapitalbank", Makhtumkuli str. 1, Administrative Department, Procurement Department, 3rd floor.

Commercial offers, which are not duly executed (without marking and specifying the name of tender) as well as those containing insufficient information (information about participant, delivery terms and payment terms) will not be accepted for consideration.

Urinboev Abrorbek e-mail: [email protected] Mobile: +(998) 90 976 00 57
Tolibov Dilshod e-mail: [email protected] Mobile phone: +(998)90 002 05 87

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