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JSCB "Kapitalbank" became a member of the Association of International Factoring
30 Jun 2021
JSCB Kapitalbank became the first local bank to join the Global Chain of Factors (GCF).

 FCI is an international alliance of factoring companies that has the purpose of facilitation of international trade by providing factoring and factoring-related financial services.

 Membership in FCI provides the following benefits for the bank:
 • quick access to the network of correspondents in more than 90 countries;
 • access to a specialized system of communication between factors in the procedure of concluding and discharging transactions - EDIfactoring.com;
 • the capability to utilize recognized arbitration services in the event of conflicts with correspondents;
 • access to standards of uniform in the area of international factoring (GCF).

JSCB "Kapitalbank" was assigned the status of an associated FCI member, which provides the bank with the right to stage-by-stage implementation of a two-factor factoring model.  The two-factor factoring model allows the exporter to receive revenue for products that are shipped abroad quickly. The merits of the importer are associated with the optimization of the use of practical capital owing to the later repayment of payable accounts.

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