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07 april 2021 y. - y.
On the eve of its 20th anniversary, “Kapitalbank” has arranged a sumalak party - a wonderful spring event that has united the friendly personnel of a large bank.


The tradition of cooking sumalak dates back to ancient times. However, even nowadays it does not lose its relevance: every year at the end of March and beginning of April, in all regions of Uzbekistan, one can observe huge cauldrons, around which the sounds of fun do not stop all day and all night.


Moreover, for “Kapitalbank” employees, cooking sumalak is a good and long-term tradition. Every year, the spring event brings together dozens of employees. And this year the preparation of sumalak coincided with a significant date for the bank - the 20th anniversary of “Kapitalbank”.


“Sumalyak sayli is national costumes, dances, songs, funny contests and, of course, traditional spring treats. We are trying to create such a festive atmosphere in which everyone feels like a part of this wonderful spring holiday and a large team”, - has noted the HR department of the Bank.


The event lasted for two days. On the first day it was the main part - contests and entertainment, on the second day - festive pilaw and sumalak opening. The employees appreciated the spring treats at their true worth, and the most fortunate ones got in the sumalak the very cherished stones that promise happiness and accomplishment of desires for the whole year.

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