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Date of publishing: 13.07.2023 y.
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located at the address: Tashkent city, Samrakand Darvoza, house-13A

The terms of reference are attached.

1. Terms of payment – 100% upon delivery, Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantee;

2. Currency of payment – UZS (Uzbek soum); US dollar, Euro;

3. Time of delivery – in accordance with the bid.

If you are interested in this tender, please send your bid to the following address: 1 Makhtumkuli Street, Yashnabad Branch of the JSCB Kapitalbank, 3rd floor, Procurement Office of the Administrative Department.

Deadline for submission of bids until 12:00 on July 28, 2023.

Abrorbek Urinboyev’s e-mail: [email protected] Mobile: (+998 78) 148 40 05, (11 219)
Dilshod Tolibov’s e-mail: [email protected] Mobile: (+998 78) 148 40 05, (11 396)

Terms of Reference for the SCS for Chorsu


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