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Date of publishing: 16.01.2023 y.
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Lot No.


Description of the component part (manufacturer, model, specifications, etc.)




Telephone set

CISCO IP Phone 8865


License required


Speed dial panel

CISCO IP Phone Key Expansion module


License required


Power adapter

Cisco IP Phone power transformer for the 8865 phone series



Requirements to the terms of delivery:

Goods must meet the minimum technical requirements and parameters specified in the detailed description.

The supplier is obliged to provide authorized letters from the manufacturer. Granting the rights of sale of this product

The goods to be supplied must be new and unused and in original packaging, factory marked and free from defects.

a) Terms of delivery - cleared goods

1. Delivery place - the buyer’s warehouse
2. Terms of payment - 100% upon delivery.
3. Payment currency - UZS (Uzbek Soum).
4. Delivery terms - according to the offer
5. Equipment warranty: at least 12 months.

b) Terms of delivery - CIP Tashkent.

1. Terms of delivery - self-delivery from STK Tashkent-AERO
2. Payment terms - 100% upon delivery
3. Payment currency - US Dollar, Euro
4. Delivery terms - according to the offer
5. Warranty - not less than 12 months.

In case of your interest, please send your commercial offer to the following address:

JSCB “Kapitalbank”, Yashnabad Branch, Makhtumkuli street No. 1, Procurement Division of the Administrative Department, 3rd floor.

The deadline for submission of bids is 12:00, January 27, 2023

Contact Person:
Urinboev Abrorbek e-mail: [email protected]; extension number: (+998 78) 148-40-05 11219; Mobile: +(998) 90 976 00 57
Tolibov Dilshod e-mail: [email protected]; extension number: (+998 78) 148-40-05 11396; Mobile: +(998) 90 002 05 87

* The listed goods are considered as separate lots. According to the results of the evaluation of bids, the contract will be formed and concluded with the supplier(s) who offered the best conditions of performance.


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