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Date of publishing: 01.08.2022 y.
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No. Lot





Xiaomi Pad 5 Tablet

(6/128GB/11”2K/ Snapdragon860/8/5MP/Wi-Fi/8720mA) black + case 70


Delivery requirements:

Offers containing alternative models from other manufacturers will be considered. In this case, you have to provide 1 sample for testing.

The product must meet the minimum technical requirements and parameters specified in the description.

Should you be interested, please send your commercial proposal according to the form No. 1 as required, to the following address:
JSCB "Kapitalbank", Yashnabad branch, Mahtumkuli st., 1, Procurement Division of the Administrative Department, floor 3.

Deadline for submission of proposals: until 12:00, August 8, 2022

Contact person:
Urinboev Abrorbek e-mail: [email protected] Mob. tel.: +(998) 90 976 00 57
Tolibov Dilshod e-mail: [email protected], Mob. tel .: + (998) 90 002 05 87

Form 1 Commercial proposal tablet
Form 2 Participant’s questionnaire


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