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Credit Committee.

The functions of the credit committee are the following

  • review and approval of procedures for granting new loans or changing the conditions of existing loans;
  • formation of the credit strategy and policy of the bank;
  • approval of the organizational structure of the crediting process;
  • analysis of the loan portfolio and other significant risks associated with crediting.

Monitoring of:

  • fulfillment of forecast indicators and parameters of the bank's business plan for lending;
  • the state of overdue loans of the bank;
  • work with troubled assets of the bank.

Fanancial committee.

The functions of the financial committee is to ensure the optimal balance between liquidity and profitability with adequate solvency of the bank.

Main tasks of the committee are the following:

  • participation in the development of the business plan and policies of the bank;
  • development and implementation of methods, schemes and mechanisms for optimizing the structure of the bank's assets and liabilities, providing control and analysis of the profitability of active and costly passive operations conducted in the bank in combination with their liquidity;
  • organization, coordination and performance of analytical work at the level providing adequate information for making timely management decisions regarding the management of active-passive transactions
  • organization and coordination of  innovative projects  development  in order to provide the  bank attractiveness in the banking services market  and  financial market.

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