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Mobile banking "Mobile24" for legal entities 11

  • What is SMS-informing for VISA cards?
    What is SMS-informing for VISA cards?

    Kapitalbank JSCB offers its customers - holders of Visa cards to use the new service SMS-informing on a free-of-charge basis.

    This service allows real-time informing the client about the transactions made by means of VISA plastic card as well as receiving information about the balance of the card, the list of the latest transactions and the list of registered cards by means of SMS-request. If necessary, the client can lock/unlock the card by sending an appropriate SMS-request.

  • What is SMS-informing for individuals?
    What is SMS-informing for individuals?

    Service allows to the clients of Kapitalbank JSCB receiving the information about accounts by means of SMS-requests. SMS banking services include:

    Request of information about accounts (balance, account status, date of the last transaction)

    Request of information about the latest transactions.

  • What is Mobile Banking “Mobile24” for legal entities?
    What is Mobile Banking “Mobile24” for legal entities?

    New service by Kapitalbank JSCB is a mobile banking for legal entities with Android-based operating systems (for smartphones and tablets) (not lower than version 4.4.2) and iOS-based (not lower than version 9.0)
  • Subscriber’s service cost
    Subscriber’s service cost

    Connection at the discretion of a client to 2 tariffs:

    1. “Standard” – subscriber’s monthly service – 15,000 UZS. This tariff provides access to view information and receive online notifications about account activity of the organization;
    2. “Premium” - subscriber's monthly service -30,000 UZS and 2,000 UZS for each payment. This tariff provides access for view, entry and sending of the payment order to the bank and online notification about account activity of the organization;

    - connection and re-registration of an existing/new client is provided for free of charge.

    The option of an online notification system (included on both tariffs) is a notification system operating by means of mobile Internet. It sends online notification (similar to messengers) to the mobile phone number registered in the system when making debit and/or credit transactions.
  • Security facilities:
    Security facilities:

    • Login/password (with 5 incorrect authorization attempts, the account is blocked);
    • Access to the system is carried out through sms requests;
    • Confirmation of payment with a PIN-code of the personal certificate, known only to the user.
    • Restrictions of user’s accesses to system features by roles;
    • Transfer of data through over a secure SSL protocol using the Thawte SSL CA certificate;
  • Other features:
    Other features:

    • Information on branches (MFO, address, phone number, location on the map, etc.);
    • Bank news;
    • Information about the bank;
    • Information about the card file;
    • Extension of the transaction day;
    • Days of open balance;
    • The refinancing rate of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan;
    • Minimum monthly wage rate;
    • Customizable exchange rates;
    • Information on deposits, loans, VISA cards, remittances;
    • Search on the map of the nearest mini-bank, self-service terminal or ATM;
    • Feedback with technical support;
    • Interface in Russian and Uzbek languages;
  • Print List of available requests
    Print List of available requests

    Bali – a card balance request (in response, an SMS will be received with information about the available balance on the card)

    Msti - mini-statement (the list of the last operations transacted through the card)

    Usl - card lock

    Usl a - activation (card unlock)

    Clist - list of cards connected to the service

  • How to connect?
    How to connect?

    You can come to any of the bank’s branches (addresses are available on the site in the Contact section http://kapitalbank.uz/kontakty.html), enter into a mobile24 service agreement (Sample template of the agreement is available on the site www.kapitalbank.uz - Legal entities --- Remote banking -Mobil banking - at the bottom of the section Sample agreement in pdf format). The agreement is issued by the bank’s employees.

    You can download the application yourself in the App store or Play Market by entering in the search service Mobile24 or Kapitalbank (the label corresponds to the logo of Kapitalbank JSCB) or in the section of the site www.kapitalbank.uz - Legal entities --- Remote banking-Mobile banking, through universal QR-code for both operating systems.

  • How much does the SMS service cost?
    How much does the SMS service cost?

    Connecting and using the SMS-informing service is FREE. When sending an SMS to +998903265555, a payment is charged for sending SMS by the mobile operator according to tariffs.
  • Format of the service:
    Format of the service:

    To activate / deactivate the service, you are required to submit application to the bank.

    All information will be received on the phone number specified in the application. Information requests, as well as requests for changing the status of the card, shall be sent from the registered phone number to the number: +99890 9652212

  • Features of the application
    Features of the application

    Viewing of information about your accounts;

    • Viewing of outgoing/incoming documents for any day;
    • Sending payment orders to the bank for current day or the next day for a week ahead;
    • Maintaining document templates;
    • Automatic numbering of payment orders;
    • Viewing of directories of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan. (MFO, Payment Purpose Codes, etc.);
    • Search in directories by any criterion;
    • Obtaining reports;
    • Online-notifications for debit and/or credit transactions;
    • Sending SWIFT currency payment
    • Option to generate a report and send it to e-mail or Telegram messenger


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