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Be aware of swindlers while getting loans for
16 Jun 2021
Lately, complaints concerning the intermediary companies offering their "assistance" in obtaining loans for cars for new UzAuto Motors cars have frequented in amount. The intermediaries estimate their services at several millions of soums.

“I will support you to obtain a loan for a new car” - such kind of advertisements can often be found in different web pages on Internet.  Intermediary organizations attract clients with favorable rates of interest, but in fact a person takes a loan from a bank, and at the same time pays a certain amount of money to the intermediary company for their special "support".

JSCB "Kapitalbank" noted a fact that such kind of loans for new cars of "UzAuto Motors" are issued directly to the buyer within the framework of the joint program of the bank as well as the manufacturer, with the exception of the participation of intermediary organizations of any type. All the promises of third-party companies to "resolve the issue" ewith insufficient income of the borrower are and shall be considered as fraudulent.  Banks request information on the income of the borrower directly from the database of the State Committee of Taxation.

You can get a loan to purchase a new car in a car dealership getting in touch by with the bank yourself. The process of application for the loans of cars in Kapitalbank is simplified as much as possible and does not require a lot of time.

Be careful!
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