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Mobile application Mobile24 for the Android platforms (not lower than version 4.0) and iOS (not lower than version 9.0) intended for legal entities - customers of the Bank.

Features of the Mobile24 mobile application:

  • View information about your accounts;
  • View outgoing / incoming documents as of any date;
  • Sending payment orders to the Bank dated as today’s or as a future day’s a week later;
  • Maintaining document templates;
  • Automatic numbering of payment orders;
  • View Directories of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan (MFO (banking codes), codes of payment destination, etc.);
  • Search in directories by any criterion;
  • Obtaining reports;
  • Online-notification of debit and/or credit transactions;
  • Easy to recharge corporate / dividend cards;
  • It is possible to sign and send to the bank the documents entered in the IBK;
  • View Files;
  • Sending SWIFT orders;
  • Applications for the purchase / sale of foreign currency;
  • Sending payroll;

Means of protection:

  • Login / password (the account shall be blocked after 5 incorrect authorization attempts);
  • Access to the system only from registered hardware, check of IMEI/ID;
  • The client should not use devices with modified system software - jailbreak on iOS and root modification for Android
  • Confirmation of payment using a secret code known only to the user;
  • Restricted number of accesses by the user to system capabilities by roles;
  • Transmission of data over a secure SSL protocol using the Thawte SSL CA certificate.

Other features:

  • Information on the branches (MFO, address, telephone, location on the map, etc.);
  • News of the Bank;
  • Information about the Bank;
  • Extensions of the operational day;
  • Days of open balance;
  • Refinancing rate of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Minimum salaries;
  • Customizable exchange rates;
  • Feedback with technical support;
  • Interface in Russian and Uzbek languages;

The application is available on PlayMarket and Appstore

iOS: http://cc.uz/161nx
Android: http://cc.uz/161nw

QR code for downloading the application (use the special application to read the QR-code on your mobile device):


ANNEX 4. Procedure of service in the “Mobile 24” system
Date: 04/01/2019
Size: 261.17 KB
Format: pdf

For detailed questions You can contact us by phone: (99878) 140-91-44, (99878) 140-91-55 or send Your message by e-mail [email protected]


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